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  To generate a report, simply select "Generate Statistics" and a sample report will be returned. For demonstration purposes, many of the selections have been pre-defined.

You may customize the report options for filtering out specific file types, and can also select which reports to run and the amount of data you would like to see returned (under the "Choose reports to generate" heading, "Reports," and "Options").

Our quick help page will further assist you in filling out this form and understanding the different options available.

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FlashStats 1.5 Report Request Form

This is the standard form. You may prefer to use the advanced form instead.

User: demo (preset for demo purposes)
Password: **** (preset for demo purposes)
Page To Analyze:
Enter the leading part of the URLs that you want to have analyzed. Specify just / to analyze your entire web site.

Days To Analyze:
Adjust 'From' date UP one day.
Adjust 'From' date DOWN one day.
Adjust both:
Adjust both dates UP one day.
Adjust both dates DOWN one day.
Adjust 'To' date UP one day.
Adjust 'To' date DOWN one day.
Today     Yesterday     Last 7 days     Last 30 days     Last month     This month
 Filter Image Requests:  

Choose reports to generate:
Reports Options
Quick select:     All reports     No reports Quick select:     All     1     10     25
Show top URLs     All

Show top referrers     All
Show top phrases     All
Show top browsers     All

Show top bad URLs     All
Show top referrers     All
(Slowest report) Show top domains     All
Show top types of domains     All

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