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There are two editions of the FlashStats web site statistics program available (Standard Edition and ISP Edition). Each edition is licensed on a per-machine basis. You choose the correct edition based upon the number of FlashStats user accounts that FlashStats needs to support. (The Standard Edition lets you use up to 25 user accounts, and the ISP Edition lets you use unlimited user accounts.) For many users, the Standard Edition will be all that's needed.

For example, if you use FlashStats to analyze the web traffic for just your web site, you only need one user account, so the Standard Edition is all you need. Or, if you are a small ISP hosting a dozen different web sites (0-25), then you need a dozen user accounts, and therefore the Standard Edition is the correct edition for you. But if you host a lot of web sites (more than 25 on a single server), each of which needs to be able to generate web site statistics independently, then you will need a lot of user accounts, and therefore you would purchase a license for the ISP Edition.

Edition Number of user accounts Primary License
(First copy)
Secondary Licenses
(Additional copies)
Standard Edition Up to 25 $99.00 $50.00 (each)
ISP Edition Unlimited $249.00 $125.00 (each)

FlashStats is licensed on a per-machine basis. You need a separate license for each machine that runs FlashStats to generate web traffic reports, regardless of operating system. The first copy of each edition (Standard or ISP) that you purchase needs to be a Primary License. All subsequent licenses for the same edition can be Secondary Licenses, at the lower rate. This provides saving when you need to run FlashStats on multiple machines. You can provide web site statistics for many users, across multiple servers, for a low fee.

You can upgrade licenses for the difference in price. For example, to upgrade a Standard Edition / Primary License to an ISP Edition / Primary License would cost $150.00 (ie, $249 - $99 = $150). Upgrading a Standard Edition / Secondary License to an ISP Edition / Primary License costs $199.00 (ie, $249 - $50 = $199). And so on. Just remember that you must satisfy the basic rule of having at least one Primary License for each type (Standard or ISP) of edition.

Example #1: If you are analyzing web traffic for just your web site, then you need the Standard Edition. You should purchase the Standard Edition/ Primary License, for $99.00.

Example #2: You are an ISP with the following computers:

  • Windows NT server supporting 10 web sites (user accounts)
  • Solaris server supporting 25 web sites (user accounts)
  • Macintosh server supporting 1 web site (user account)
  • Linux server supporting 1000 web sites (user accounts)

The first three computers will each need a Standard Edition license since they need no more than 25 user accounts. The Linux server will need an ISP Edition license since it has more than 25 user accounts. A total of four licenses need to be purchased (ie, one per machine).

Standard Edition licenses: The first Standard Edition license needs to be a Primary License ($99.00), and the other two can be Secondary Licenses ($50.00 each). This makes a total of $199.00 (ie, $99 + $50 + $50 = $199) for the Standard Edition licenses.

ISP Edition licenses: The ISP Edition / Primary License is $249.00.

Total: The grand total required would be $448.00 (ie, $199 + $249 = $448).

Item Quantity Unit Price Extended
Standard Edition / Primary License 1 $99.00 $99.00
Standard Edition / Secondary License 2 $50.00 $100.00
ISP Edition / Primary License 1 $249.00 $249.00
Total: $448.00

To continue the example, if you later wanted to upgrade the Solaris server from a Standard Edition / Secondary License to an ISP Edition / Secondary License the price would be $75.00 (ie, $125 - $50 = $75).

(end of example #2)

Site licenses are also available. Please contact us for more information on sites licenses, or if you have any other questions.

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