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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1408

How can I adjust hits from GMT to local time?

FlashStats 1.4.x has the ability to adjust times logged in GMT time to your local time. This is an automatic conversion based on the local time of the computer that FlashStats runs on. When this feature is enabled, FlashStats will convert all hit times from GMT to local time. By default this feature is not enabled.

To enable the conversion of times from GMT to local time add the following line to your FlashStats configuration file (Windows/Mac: flashstats.ini, UNIX: flashstats.conf).


If you have installed the full distribution of FlashStats 1.4.x, your configuration file will contain a section for the FixGmt parameter. In this case simply remove preceding the semicolon ';' on the line that looks like this:


If your configuration file does not include this parameter, you can simply add it anywhere within the file.

This parameter can also be placed in a user account definition to restrict the conversion of GMT to local time to a specific log file. It's placement elsewhere in the FlashStats configuration file causes the time conversion of all user accounts.

This feature is specifically useful to those using IIS4 or WebStar 3 where log entries are commonly recorded in GMT time.

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