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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1418

Usage: How can I tell how many users clicked from one specific page on my site to another specific page on my site?

If your web server logs the REFERER field, then this is easy to do.

First, call up the FlashStats Report Request Form. In the Page to Analyze field, enter the URL "stem" for the desired target page. For example, if you wanted to see how many people jumped from /page1.html to /page2.html, you would enter /page2.html in the Page to Analyze field.

Then, make sure that the Filter Referers From Specified Users checkbox is not checked.

If your log files are large, you may want to only generate the Top Referrers report and deselect all of the other reports (by clearing the checkbox next to the report name).

Finally, go ahead and hit the Generate Statistics button.

Now look at the Top Referrers report. This report shows you all of the pages from which people came to the specified page. In our example, it will show you all of the pages that people came to /page2.html from.

Take a look for the "source" page that you're interested in (eg, /page1.html). If it did not appear on the report, then use your browser's Back to return to the Report Request Form. In the second field for the Top Referrers report, change the number 10 to a 0 (or just erase it entirely). This tells FlashStats to show you all of the referrers, not just the top 10. Now hit the Generate Statistics button and look at the results.

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