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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1420

Which version of FlashStats do I need to download?

Can I run FlashStats on my computer to analyze logs from my ISP?

FlashStats runs as a CGI process, and thus needs to be launched by a web server. There is no standalone user interface for FlashStats.

If your web site is hosted by an ISP:
The preferred setup is to install FlashStats on your ISP's computer. Thus, you need to download the version of FlashStats that corresponds to the type of server platform (hardware and operating system) used by your ISP to host your web site. You may need to ask your ISP for permission to install FlashStats on the server.

Maximized Software will perform a remote installation of FlashStats on UNIX systems (via Telnet) for an additional fee of $100 US. Contact us for more information.

If your ISP will not install FlashStats:
If you cannot or do not want to install FlashStats on your ISP's server then you can install FlashStats on your own local computer. However, you must be sure to have a web server installed on your local computer! Several free or inexpensive web servers are available; here's a list.

Once you have installed the web server on your computer, download and install the version of FlashStats for your computer. Next, copy your log files from ISP onto your local hard disk; no conversion of the log file format should be required. Then configure FlashStats (using the documentation) to point to the location of the log files. Finally, use your browser to connect to your own computer's web server and run FlashStats. This is normally done by using the special localhost host name, like this: http://localhost/FlashStats/. However, if this does not work on your system then you need to connect to your computer via its IP address. This may require you to establish a connection to your ISP (this seems to be common for Mac users). You can then determine your IP address by going to the address

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