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GoPOP Setup Instructions

For purposes of clarity, the term "primary computer" will refer to the computer running Outlook and GoPOP - the computer to which you will access remotely. The term "remote mail client" refers to the mail program you are running on your remote device and with which you will be connecting to your Outlook mail (e.g. your laptop or other remote desktop computer, cell phone, PDA, etc.).

Prior to configuring your remote access client, complete the following steps:
  1. Confirm that Outlook is installed and running on your primary computer.
  2. Install GoPOP on your primary computer.
  3. Once GoPOP is intalled, the configuration wizard will launch and you will need to enter the following information in the corresponding fields:
    • Select the user name you will use from your remote mail client to access your primary computer's Outlook mail.
      NOTE: This does not need to be the same as your Outlook mail user name, but you can use the same name if you wish.
    • Select the password you will use from your remote mail client to access your primary computer's Outlook mail. Same note from above applies.
    • Select the APOP secret you will use.
      NOTE: This is optional. The APOP secret operates like any other password. Not all mail clients support APOP. If you are unsure if your mail client supports APOP, assigning one in the event it does is generally a good idea.
    • Click finish and GoPOP is installed and configured, and ready to allow remote access to your Outlook mail!
  4. For advanced configuration:
    • Under the GoPOP Tools menu, select "Options"
    • Login: allows you to change your login username, password and APOP secret
    • Security: allows you to establish guidelines to prevent unauthorized login attempts
    • Message Deletion: Allows you to determine how GoPOP should handle deleted messages. You can configure GoPOP to either completely delete messages, or send them to the Outlook "Deleted Items" folder on your primary computer.
    • Click "OK" after making any changes, and GoPOP is completely configured, and ready to allow remote access to your Outlook Mail.
  5. Confirm that your computer is connected to the Internet. To use GoPOP for remote access to your Outlook Mail, your computer must always be connected to the Internet.
  6. Determine the IP address of your computer. This step is critical. For information on determining your computer's IP address, click here. The IP address of the computer with which you are connecting to this page is:

    If your primary computer does not have a static IP address (it is dynamically assigned or changes each time you dialup or access the Internet), you will need to use a third party solution (such as Winip). Winip gives you a DNS name that stays in sync with your dynamic IP address. Thus, there's no need to reconfigure your remote mail client every time your IP address changes.

    If your primary computer is located behind a proxy or other network address translation system, then any remote mail reader will not be able to connect to GoPOP to get your email. Some networks can be configured to route incoming POP3 connections to your primary computer; check with your network administrator to see if this is possible on your network.
  7. Finally, if your primary computer is behind a firewall, be sure to configure the firewall to allow incoming connections to your primary computer on port 110, or whichever port you choose and setup in the GoPOP configuration options (under the "Tools" menu, select "Options").
Once the above steps have been completed, you are ready to configure your remote mail client. Click here for sample device/remote mail client configurations.

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