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How to use iCoverArt (version 1.1)

  1. Optional: Make sure that you have let Windows Media Player 9 (or later) run in the background for a while. Windows Media Player will automatically discover your ripped albums and will download cover art for each album, storing the artwork in a file named Folder.jpg in each album’s folder. Once this has been done you can close Windows Media Player. (Note that WMP will only retrieve artwork for files stored in MP3 format.) For further details, see the Note in step 4 below.

  2. Make sure that iTunes is already running. You need to be using version 4.5 (or later) of iTunes.

  3. Start iCoverArt by clicking on the Windows Start button, choosing All Programs, then choosing Maximized Software, then choosing iCoverArt.

  4. Click the toolbar button labeled ‘Step 1: Scan iTunes’ at the top of the iCoverArt window. iCoverArt will connect to iTunes and get a list of every song in iTunes. Each song will be placed onto one of three tabs:

    • Eligible songs -- these are songs which have a file named Folder.jpg in their folder but do not yet have any artwork embedded in their song file.
    • Ineligible songs -- these are songs which do not have a file named Folder.jpg in their folder, which are encoded in a format which does not support embedded cover art (eg, MIDI files), or have a different problem.
    • Songs with artwork -- these are songs which already have cover art embedded. iCoverArt will not embed additional cover art into a song file if it already has artwork embedded.

    Note: If you do not have any eligible songs but lots of ineligible songs, then you should install and run Windows Media Player. If you already have Windows Media Player 9 (or later) installed, you should make sure that it is configured to monitor your iTunes Music folder. To do this, run Windows Media Player, open the Tools menu and choose Options, then go to the Library (version 10) or Media Library (version 9) tab, and click on the Monitor Folders... button. Add your iTunes Music folder (or a parent folder), then let Windows Media Player run in the background for a while; then try iCoverArt again.

  5. Review the list of eligible songs to see the cover art that iCoverArt will embed into each song. (You can quickly scroll through the songs using commands on the Edit menu.) If you like the cover art that iCoverArt plans on embedding into a song file, make sure that the song has a checkmark next to it. If you don’t like the artwork, then you can either change the artwork (see below), or remove the checkmark.

    You can click the toolbar button labeled ‘Step 2: Select tracks’ for a quick summary of how to select eligible songs.

  6. You can add or change eligible artwork by dragging and dropping new cover art from a browser window onto the iCoverArt window. You can find cover art at several common web sites, such as iCoverArt can help you to find cover art. Simply select an eligible or ineligible song, then click on the Web tab at the bottom of the iCoverArt window. Then double-click on the web site that you’d like to use as your source of album cover art. iCoverArt will open a browser window at the desired web site. You can then manually search for the desired album. (iCoverArt by default will have copied the artist name and album name onto the clipboard, so you can paste them into the search field at the web site.) Once you have found the desired artwork (in JPG, PNG, or BMP format), simply drag and drop it onto the iCoverArt window. iCoverArt will confirm that you want to use the new artwork for the currently selected song. (If you have added artwork to an ineligible song, then that song and all other songs on that album will be moved to the ‘Eligible songs’ tab.) Don’t forget to review the checkmarks for any eligible songs for which you have changed the artwork.

  7. Once you are satisfied with the artwork and checkmarks on the ‘Eligible songs’ tab, click the ‘Step 3: Embed artwork’ toolbar button. iCoverArt will embed the available artwork into each song file which has a checkmark, and then move the song from the ‘Eligible songs’ tab to the ‘Songs with artwork’ tab. Nothing will happen to songs without a checkmark.

    Please note that if you have not registered it, iCoverArt will only embed artwork into five eligible songs each time it is run. Once you have registered iCoverArt it will embed artwork into all of your eligible songs without restriction.

How to uninstall iCoverArt

Use the Add or Remove Programs applet in Control Panel. Select Maximized Software iCoverArt and then click on the Remove button.


  1. iCoverArt does not automatically retrieve album cover art from the Internet. Future versions may do this if we get enough demand. (Registered users receive free upgrades to future versions of iCoverArt.)
  2. iCoverArt does not show artwork already embedded in song files (ie, songs listed on the Songs with artwork tab).
  3. Version 1.1 can remove artwork already embedded in song files. Select the desired songs on the 'Songs with artwork tab'. You can select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key. After selecting the desired songs, open the File menu and choose the 'Delete existing artwork' command.
  4. By default, every 14 days iCoverArt will display a window which lets you check to see if a new version of iCoverArt is available. You can also manually check for a new version at any time by opening the Web menu and choosing "Check for updates...". When the window pops up to begin the process of checking for a new version, you can click the Advanced button to specify how often iCoverArt should prompt you to check for updates. If you do not wish to be prompted to check for new versions of iCoverArt, set the interval to a large value such as 999 days.

iTunes® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. iCoverArtTM is a trademark of Maximized Software, Inc.

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