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March 26, 2001

For more information:  Michelle Robbins
                                 Maximized Software
                                 (415) 383-1389

Read Microsoft Outlook email from any location, using any remote device

Mill Valley, CA - Maximized Software, Inc. today released beta 1 of GoPOP. GoPOP is an innovative program that enables remote access to Outlook email from anywhere in the world with any standard remote email client. Users can retrieve their Outlook email with any type of device: PDA, cell phone, pager, Blackberry, or laptop.

GoPOP also eliminates the need to keep multiple copies of email messages on different servers. Without GoPOP, users need to set up inconvenient solutions in order to read email while away from their computer. Common solutions include setting up a "shadow" account with Yahoo! or HotMail, or configuring Outlook to "leave messages on server." With the release of GoPOP, Microsoft Outlook becomes the single source for all of the user's email.

"The popularity and ever-increasing usage of remote access devices has created the need for a more efficient means of reaching information previously available to users only from the desktop," said Ken Spreitzer, President of Maximized Software. "GoPOP solves the problem of incomplete and inconvenient access to email while users are traveling or otherwise away from their computer."

GoPOP is a POP server that runs on the user's PC, together with Microsoft Outlook. Users can read email by connecting to their computer via any standard remote email client, such as a cell phone, PDA, laptop, or even a PC at a cybercafe.

GoPOP features several benefits which distinguish it from traditional remote-access solutions:

  • Users see filtered mail. Since the remote email client retrieves mail directly from Outlook on the user's computer, all incoming mail has already been filtered, so junk mail is not seen.

  • Users can read email in any folder, not just their Inbox. Traditional remote access solutions only let users read mail in their Inbox; GoPOP removes this restriction.

  • GoPOP eliminates the need to leave a copy of messages on the original POP server.

  • GoPOP elminates the need for "shadow" email accounts (Yahoo!, HotMail, etc.).

  • GoPOP eliminates the need for Microsoft Exchange for remote access to email.

  • Better performance than synchronization. Compared to performing a full synchronization between a handheld device and computer, GoPOP lets users use a remote mail reader that displays mail headers prior to downloading the whole mail message. This lets users avoid downloading junk mail or other undesired messages.

  • No special reader software is required. Any standard email client may be used to read email.
Pricing for GoPOP has not been determined.


GoPOP beta 1 is available for immediate download from the Maximized Software web site at

The dedicated computer needs to have the following software installed:
- Microsoft Outlook® 98 (or later) for Windows
- Microsoft Windows 98 or later (98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000)


Maximized Software, headquartered in Mill Valley, California, was founded in 1992 by Ken Spreitzer. After establishing Maximized Software, Spreitzer achieved industry fame as the creator of Uninstaller for Windows -- a best-selling utility program. Maximized Software also created and sold Build-A-Card, the first commercial greeting card site on the Internet. The company's product line includes several web server and client utilities.

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GoPOP is a trademark of Maximized Software, Inc. All other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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