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Select a product from below for more product and sales information. Click here for our refund policy. If you have additional questions not answered on this site, please contact us.

FlashStats 2006 FlashStats 2006 is the next-generation web analytics program from Maximized Software. FlashStats 2006 is a Windows program which analyzes your web site's log files to provide over 60 reports, including hits, visits, paths taken through your web site, search engine activity, and much more.

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FlashStats Sales Info FlashStats 1.5 is a CGI program (compiled "script") that will enable you to analyze statistics about the Web sites that you host on your server. Great for internal Web sites, corporate Web sites and Web site providers. ISP's can easily configure FlashStats to allow secure access to real-time statistics for clients.

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iCoverArt - an iTunes utility that embeds album cover art into song files. Using iCoverArt to embed artwork in your iTunes software song files is simple, easy and ensures that: artwork is displayed within iTunes while a song is playing (open the Edit menu and choose Show Artwork); artwork is displayed in iTunes visualizations; and you can print CD jewel case covers or album listings with the album artwork (open the File menu in iTunes and choose Print). If you have an iPod photo, the album cover will display while the song is playing. iCoverArt requires only iTunes (version 4.5 or later) installed on a Windows-based system. iCoverArt does not require an iPod.

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TiViTunes Sales Info Do you have a TiVo connected to your home network? Do you use iTunes? Did you know that TiVo can play your MP3 files across your network? There's only one problem: TiVo can only see your MP3 files but cannot see any playlists that you've defined in iTunes. TiViTunes solves this problem by publishing your playlists to a folder so that your TiVo can play them.

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GoPOP Sales Info GoPOP is a POP server that will allow you remote access to your desktop email. GoPOP runs on your primary PC alongside Outlook, and lets you access your email from a secondary computer (or other/wireless device) when you're away. You can read your email by connecting to your primary computer with any standard email reader: a cell phone, a PDA, or even a mail program at a cybercafe!

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Color Browser Sales Info Color Browser 2.0 is a useful program to help pick colors when designing web pages (or any other graphics work, for that matter). Color Browser can help you to pick browser-friendly colors, and copy the color string to the clipboard so that you can paste it into your HTML editor.

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Christmas Browser Sales Info Christmas Browser 99 is a cool shareware program that lets you surf the web in a winter wonderland! You get a forest of Christmas trees, falling snow, background music, and optional use of the Microsoft Agent.

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MaxPartner Reseller Program The MaxPartner Reseller Program allows authorized resellers to purchase Maximized Software products (FlashStats, Color Browser and Christmas Browser) at a 25% discount, for resale at any price. Increase your profits by joining the program now!

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