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Contact:  Allison Engler
              Lages & Associates


FlashStats Breaks Speed Barrier Analyzing 20MB of Data Per Minute

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 12, 1997 -- Maximized Software today announced the immediate availability of FlashStats version 1.1, the fastest web site log file analyzer currently available for web servers running on Windows, Solaris, Macintosh and BSDI operating systems. With FlashStats all information is displayed using the client’s own browser, eliminating the need for additional custom client software.

FlashStat analyzes data on the fly in memory rather than using disk resident databases. According to Ken Spreitzer, president of Maximized, many other analyzers gather web hit information and place it in a database such Microsoft’s Access or other standard database packages. Each web site hit becomes a record in the database and therefore requires more time to process and generate reports. "By tapping into the computer’s own memory and running our highly efficient software, we’ve been able to analyze 20 MB and beyond of log files per minute, depending upon the complexity of the report," added Spreitzer.

FlashStats is targeted to address the needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and intranet users. "Both categories of users will benefit from the program’s leading edge performance and insightful reports which are often found only in higher end packages that are priced double that of FlashStats," commented Ken Spreitzer, president of Maximized Software.

Using FlashStats, an ISP can enable their customers to run custom reports at any time of the day. The ISP is relieved of the burden of providing statistical reports that often don’t provide meaningful information for their customers, and their customers are empowered with relevant reports when they want them.

FlashStats is well suited for intranet sites in which a large number of people want to see different statistics upon demand. Installing FlashStats on an intranet enables the webmaster to get a variety of statistics, as well as provide a useful tool to upper management, marketing, and other departments allowing them to quickly produce summaries on demand.

Flexible Reports Provide New Perspective for Web Evaluation
FlashStats allows webmasters to generate up to 10 different reports on the their web site’s activity. These reports include: Bad Referrers, Bad URLs, Hits Per Hour, Most Common Browsers, Search Phrases, Summary, Top Referrers to Your Site, Top URLs Requested, Types of Domains and User Domain Analysis.

Unlike typical log file analysis, FlashStats provides useful information, not just raw statistics. For example, the Bad URLs report can optionally display the "referrer" for each bad request. This is powerful information which allows the webmaster to see which external sites have bad links to their web site. Using this information, the webmaster can fix the links, increasing the number of valid hits to their web site.

Another useful feature is the Search Phrases report which displays the phrases used at search engines. FlashStats supports eleven major search engines. This report allows the user to see which search engines direct the most users to their web site, as well as what phrases are being used as search criteria by the engines. Using this information webmasters can fine-tune their entries at the major search engines in order to bring more focused users to their site.

"We feel that FlashStats offers excellent value to the small-to-medium sized web site. With leading-edge performance and useful reports often found only in higher-end packages, FlashStats is an outstanding value at $99," said Spreitzer.

Pricing and Availability
FlashStats 1.1 is available immediately for $99. The program may be downloaded and purchased from the Maximized Software web site at As with all Maximized Software products, users can see an online demo of FlashStats at

Company Background
Maximized Software, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, was founded in 1992 by Ken Spreitzer. Prior to establishing Maximized Software, Spreitzer achieved industry fame as author of the original Uninstaller for Windows -- a best-selling utility program. Maximized Software also produces the well-known copyright protection suite, SiteShield.

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FlashStats is a trademark of Maximized Software, Inc.

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