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TcpSpeed is a utility which allows you to measure the bandwidth that flows over your Internet connection. It works by measuring how many bytes can be blasted over your connection in a given amount of time. This is especially useful for measuring the connection to your local access provider.

Please note that since it really taxes the bandwidth of your computer, the remote computer that you're connecting to, and all intervening computers on the Internet, test durations are limited to 12 seconds. Be kind to the 'net!

This version supports Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and Windows 95.

Online help is now available.

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TS101.EXE - this is a setup program, which will install everything you need: the TcpSpeed executable, the IPP20.VBX control, VBRUN300.DLL, and an uninstall program. Just download this and run it. Works on Win 3.1, Win 95, and Win NT. [374 KB, self-extracting EXE]

TCPSPEED.ZIP - grab this zip file instead of ts101.exe if you don't need a full-blown setup program. This zipped file includes both TCPSPEED.EXE and IPP20.VBX. After unzipping, simply put both files into a new directory on your hard disk. If you don't have VBRUN300.DLL either, then click on the next link, too. [31 KB, zipped]

VBRUN300.ZIP - Download this if you don't already have VBRUN300.DLL in your Windows System directory. [241 KB, self-extracting EXE]


  • 1.00 - initial release under the name of TcpMeter (2/14/96)
  • 1.01 - renamed to TcpSpeed, converted to use IPP20.VBX, and fixed small bugs (2/22/96)
  • 1.01 - created a setup program TS101.EXE; no changes to TcpSpeed (5/16/97)

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