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FlashStats 2006 iCoverArt TiViTunes
Web analytics software — Analyze your web site's traffic. Embed album cover art in your MP3 files. Lets TiVo play your iTunes playlists.

FlashStats 2006

FlashStats 2006 analyzes your web site's log files and provides comprehensive information about your web traffic. Gain valuable insight into how your web site is being used, and find and fix problems with your site.

FlashStats 2006: Info - Download - Sales - Documentation

Version 1.5 (CGI for web servers) is also still available. This version is useful for servers with many web sites which need to provide each web site the ability to run their own statistics on demand.

FlashStats 1.5: Info - Download - Sales - Documentation


iCoverArt is an iTunes utility that automates embedding album cover art into your MP3 song files — and more! Using iCoverArt to embed artwork in your iTunes software song files is fast, easy and ensures that...

  • Artwork is displayed within iTunes while a song is playing (open the Edit menu and choose Show Artwork).
  • Artwork is displayed in iTunes visualizations.
  • You can print CD jewel case covers or album listings with the album artwork (open the File menu in iTunes and choose Print).
  • If you have an iPod photo, the album cover will display while the song is playing.
iCoverArt will scan your entire iTunes library and will automatically embed cover art into each song file. This is a huge time-saver compared with the method built into iTunes. iCoverArt requires only iTunes (version 7.7.1 or later) installed on a Windows-based system. iCoverArt does not require an iPod.

iCoverArt is shareware and costs $5.

Info - Download - Sales - Documentation

TiViTunes TiViTunes

TiViTunes lets your home TiVo play any of the playlists that you create in iTunes.

Do you have a TiVo connected to your home network? Do you use iTunes? Did you know that TiVo can play your MP3 files across your network? There's only one problem: TiVo can only see your MP3 files but cannot see any playlists that you've defined in iTunes. TiViTunes solves this problem by publishing your playlists to a folder so that your TiVo can play them.

TiViTunes is shareware and costs $5.

Info - Download - Sales - Documentation

Color Browser Color Browser

Color Browser is a useful tool for anyone who designs web pages. This fast and compact utility will let you easily select any color, and will provide the matching hex color value, so that you can easily paste it into your HTML source code. Using our exclusive Color Pick-Me-Up tool, you can even pick up any color right off the screen!

Color Browser is shareware and costs $10. (Unregistered users still can use the basic features for free.)

Info - Download - Sales - Documentation


GoPOP is a program that allows you to access your Outlook email from anywhere in the world with any standard mail reader. GoPOP runs on your primary PC alongside Outlook, and lets you access your email from a secondary computer (or other device) when you're away. You can read your email by connecting to your primary computer with any standard email reader: a cell phone, a PDA, or even a mail program at a cybercafe!

GoPOP costs $30.

Info - Download - Sales - Documentation

Christmas Browser 99 Christmas Browser 99

Surf the web in a winter wonderland! Browse your favorite sites on the web against a forest of Christmas trees in the falling snow, while Christmas music plays in the background.

Christmas Browser is shareware and costs $20. Registered users can buy copies for their friends for only $10 each.

Info - Download - Sales

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