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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 2: Installation

Windows IIS / PWS
Windows Netscape
Windows WebSite
Windows (local)
Windows (general)
UNIX (general)
Mac Quid Pro Quo
Mac WebTen

Chapter 3

Configuration File

Chapter 4

Report Parameters

Chapter 5

Common Tasks

Chapter 6

Report Descriptions

Chapter 7

Files Installed

Chapter 8

Upgrading from Prior Versions

Chapter 9

Custom Log Formats


Chapter 1 - Getting Started

Maximized Software FlashStats provides you with the tools necessary to analyze the most important statistics for your web site. FlashStats is useful for a whole range of users, including small sites, intranets, and ISPs with many independent customers needing analysis.

Here are some of FlashStats' important features:

  • Fast performance -- FlashStats is one of the fastest log analyzers on the market!
  • Generates 12 useful reports
  • Search Phrases report -- discover the phrases that are being used to find your site via the 31 major search engines! You can even add your own list of search engines to be supported.
  • Lists bad referrers -- FlashStats can show you the referrers for each bad request, letting you find pages with bad links to your site.

How to Use This Documentation

You should read the appropriate installation instructions in Chapter 2 for details on how to install FlashStats. After FlashStats has been installed, you should be able to begin using it immediately. Later, you may want to refer to Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 to further configure FlashStats.

Operating System and Web Server Compatibility

Versions of FlashStats are available for the platforms shown listed at the start of Chapter 2. Versions will be released in the future to support other operating systems and other web server software. If you want a version of FlashStats for a platform that is not listed below, please let us know.

How to Contact Maximized Software

The fastest way to get the latest information about FlashStats is to visit the Maximized Software web site at

If the information you need isn't answered there, please send e-mail our support staff at Our sales staff can be reached at for information on purchasing additional copies, bulk sales and related issues.

If you need to reach us in person, please call (888) 629-7638 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Version History

Version 1.5
  • Release date 31 Jan 2000
  • Windows build
  • Introduced ability to define custom search engines
  • Added support for IIS 5
  • Enhanced support for Netscape Proxy Server

Version 1.4.3

  • Release date 15 Mar 1999
  • Windows build
  • Fixed a bug where FS would crash if you didn't have an accesslog= parameter (on a non-BSD Unix)
  • Fixed a bug where FS crashed if an IIS 4 log file had a user agent with % in it. (eg: Mozilla+(Windows+NT;+%username%)
  • Added support for Quid Pro Quo fields: RESULT_CODE, HOST, and CONNECTION_NAME
  • Added support for Dolphin Speedstar server
  • Added support for Authenticated User field "cs-username" for IIS 4

Version 1.4.2

  • Release date 24 Feb 1999
  • Windows build
  • Minor enhancements for IIS 4 support
  • Filtered referrers are now always case-insensitive
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Updated search engine definitions

Version 1.4.1

  • Release date 30 Nov 1998
  • Windows build
  • The standard Report Request Form has been simplified, and an Advanced version has been added
  • The Search Phrases Report now supports the top 30 search engines
  • Improved Mac web server support
  • User Domains Report now aggregates domains more logically
  • Fixed DNS lookup bug

Version 1.4

  • Version 1.4 was released only on the WebSTAR 3.02 CD (thus only in Mac format)
  • Added support for IIS 4 and WebSTAR 3
  • Added ability to perform reverse DNS lookups for the User Domain and Types Of Domains reports
  • Added support for wildcard characters in the Page To Analyze field
  • Added ability to launch FlashStats from the command line
  • Added heartbeat character to prevent CGI timeouts
  • Configuration file can be moved into the Preferences folder [Macintosh]
  • Improved memory allocation system to allow FlashStats to continue even if it runs out of memory
  • Full Year 2000 compliance
  • Updated the Search Phrases Report to support 24 engines
  • Improved support for times recorded in GMT
  • Improved support for log files with junk at the end (IIS 4)
  • The AccessLog= parameter can now take wildcard characters
  • Made miscellaneous improvements to Macintosh support
  • Fixed a bug where Netscape servers running on Windows NT looked for an incorrect configuration filename

Version 1.3.1

  • Release date 13 Oct 1997
  • Windows build
  • Fixed date parsing bug for certain international format (eg, Russia: 13.10.97)
  • Fixed Logs=System32\System32 bug for IIS setup
  • Enabled filtering by host IP (AuthRealm) for IIS [by default]

Version 1.3

  • First release (19 Sep 1997):
    • Windows build
    • Mac build date 17 Sep 1997
  • Final release (28 Sep 1997):
    • Windows build
    • Mac build date 28 Sep 1997
  • Removed 30-day trial key and password
  • Added support for non-U.S. date formats
  • Added custom headers and footers
  • Can get user passwords from .htpasswd file
  • Enabled support for custom log formats
  • Filter by authenticated realm or user
  • Added ShowQuery option for Top Requests report
  • Added Northern Light to Search Phrases report
  • Standardized and improved error messages
  • Improved setup; internal efficiencies; minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

  • Windows build
  • Added Daily Totals and Hits Per Day of Week reports
  • Added four engines to Search Phrases report
  • Improved log handling capabilities
  • Changed the configuration file syntax

Version 1.1

  • Windows build
  • Added Bad Referrers report
  • Added option of listing referrers for each bad URL
  • Speed improvements

Version 1.0

  • Original release

Version 1.5 -- Last update: 2/8/01

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