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Support: Tech Notes

We have made available our list of FlashStats technical notes. There is some overlap with the FAQ and Troubleshooting documents, but some tech notes contain additional or more specific information. Please look at the tech note summaries to see if any of them address your specific question.

Please let us know if you have questions that are not answered here.

FlashStats 1.4 & 1.5 Tech Notes

Number Short description
FS1400 How do I get tech support?
FS1401 List of known bugs.
FS1402 Can I use FlashStats with the WebTen web server on the Macintosh?
How come I get results of No Items Found when analyzing my WebTen log files?
FS1403 Trying to run FlashStats on WebSTAR or QuidProQuo generates the error You are not authorized to access this page.
FS1404 When trying to run FlashStats I get error -1701. [Mac]
FS1405 FlashStats.acgi is timed out by the web server. [Mac]
FS1406 Does FlashStats support Apache log formats?
FS1407 Can FlashStats analyze the contents of the each request's query string?
FS1408 How can I adjust hits from GMT to local time?
FS1409 Are there any limits on the log file sizes that FlashStats can analyze?
FS1410 FlashStats is showing bad referrers that don't exist.
FS1411 How do I setup FlashStats for use with WebTen? [Mac]
FS1412 What fields are required at a minimum for a valid log format?
FS1413 The clickable links in the output reports are not correct.
FS1414 Can I run FlashStats from the WebSTAR cgi-bin folder? [Mac]
FS1415 List of personal web servers.
FS1416 How to format User Account Definitions in the FlashStats configuration file.
FS1417 The webmaster email address shown in error messages is incomplete or incorrect.
FS1418 Usage: How can I tell how many users clicked from one specific page on my site to another specific page on my site?
FS1419 How large of a memory partition should I allocate to FlashStats on my Mac web server?
FS1420 Which version of FlashStats do I need to download?
Can I run FlashStats on my computer to analyze logs from my ISP?
FS1421 Why do I only see client IP addresses instead of client host names? Does FlashStats do reverse DNS?
Why does the Types of Domains report only show Unresolved IP Number?
FS1422 Do I need to convert log files being copied from another computer?
FS1423 How can I restrict analysis to a top-level directory (folder) such as /customer1/ or /customer2/?
FS1424 For which operating systems and CPUs is FlashStats available?
FS1425 Is the time of day local time or Greenwich Mean Time?
FS1426 Why does the User Domain Analysis report only show three of the four IP addresses?
FS1427 How do I configure FlashStats to read log files on a UNC network drive? [Windows]
FS1428 Is FlashStats year 2000 compliant?
FS1429 Does FlashStats report hits, page views, and/or user visits?
FS1430 Can I customize the FlashStats pages?
FS1431 I've got a lot of requests for a document that doesn't exist on my site. Where is this bad link?
FS1432 Can FlashStats read logs that have been compressed (zipped, gzipped, etc)?
FS1433 Can the accesslog= parameter use wildcards?
FS1434 Why do the Top Referrers To Your Site, Search Phrases, Most Common Browsers, and Bad Referrers reports always show No items found?
FS1435 How quickly do hits to my web site show up in FlashStats?
FS1436 Why does the Top Referrers report only show referrers from my own web site?
What does the Top Referrers report mean?
FS1437 What's the relationship between the Filter out requests from specific users textbox and the Filter referrers from specific users checkbox?
FS1438 Security for the FlashStats configuration file.
FS1439 How can I perform analysis for a web site hosted on its own IP address on IIS 3?
FS1440 How can I increase FlashStats' performance?
FS1441 How do I change the default report options (reports to generate, etc)?
FS1442 Apache timeouts before the reports are returned to the client.
FS1443 How can I rotate my Apache log files?
FS1444 Specifying file locations on the Macintosh.
FS1445 Can I analyze RealAudio server log files with FlashStats?
FS1446 IIS 4 doesn't list any active log formats.
FS1447 What's the best way to install FlashStats for access by multiple users?
FS1448 How can I save reports to disk for later viewing?
FS1449 Can FlashStats analyze IIS FTP logs?
FS1450 Does FlashStats work with Windows 2000?
FS1451 When does the 30-day trial period begin?
FS1452 Are there any known browser incompatibilities?
FS1453 Daylight Saving Time causes odd results.
FS1454 How to analyze a directory which has moved to a new location.
FS1455 Web server returns Internal Server Error.
FS1456 How do I change the Year settings in the "Days to Analyze" field on the Report Request Forms?
FS1457 Can FlashStats automatically select the current date on the Report Request form?
FS1458 Trying to run a report only shows "CGI Error." (Terminal Services installation)
FS1459 Configuring the FlashStats CGI as a Web Service Extension (IIS 6).

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